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662 data breaches in 2010
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By Erik Small - 90 views

Wow. An incredible stat for the security market in 2010.

On many levels of FTP or file transfer, this is a staggering number of instances. What file transfer processes are being used to avoid a security breach in your small, medium or large business environment?

Check out the Knowledge Transfer blog on Ipswitch File Transfer’s corporate site for more on security breaches in 2010.

  • Malicious attacks still account for more breaches than human error, with hacking at 17% and insider theft at 15%
  • 39% of listed breaches did not identify the cause — Indicating a clear lack of transparency and full reporting to the public
  • 49% of breaches did not list number of potentially exposed records — A clear sign of inaccuracy and incompleteness of reporting
  • 62% of breaches reported exposure of Social Security Numbers
  • 26% of breaches involved credit or debit cards

The full blog post from Ipswitch’s Hugh Garber: 16,000,000 reported breached records in 2010

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  • Mastering
    March 28, 2012 4:27

    Thanks for the read here it is a minefield to keep a track on internet security. Good stats to know about. Thanks.

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