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Ipswitch File Transfer report: Information Sharing Workaround
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By Erik Small - 136 views

With the growing number of ‘devices’ available to us, the number of ways we can connect and share information is ever increasing.

Here is a great read from the Knowledge Transfer blog at Ipswitch File Transfer (the Planet’s parent company).

Information Sharing Wake-Up Call: Customers Now Pushing Organizations to Reconsider How They Transfer Sensitive Files

In a new report from Ipswitch, findings revealed that employees are using risky workarounds to share information and avoid corporate information-sharing roadblocks:

  • Personal Email: 60 percent of individuals said they use personal email to send sensitive files because their company systems hinder productivity, a major compliance and security risk.  And 50 percent of those people admitted to using personal email as a means to hide sensitive information from management.
  • Remote Devices: Employees are also relying on remote devices – like USB drives and smart phones – to transfer information that can’t be handled by corporate systems. More than 25 percent of employees have lost a USB drive containing confidential information.  Even worse: Out of that 25 percent, 40 percent said they did not report the lost device to the IT department.


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  • google places optimization
    February 26, 2012 17:28

    Companies should take responsibility in giving out corporate details to its employees. The lees people that know about it, the less of chances it will be spread. But that’s just me. Thanks for another intriguing read.

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