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Ipswitch Webcast: Evolution of the Cloud and IT Infrastructure
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By Erik Small - 122 views

Are you in a business environment dealing with file transfer security, enterprise integration or complex SOA?

Register to attend an Ipswitch Webcast titled: MFT, EAI and the Cloud – Keeping Control of  Your Data.

Presenter: Frank Kenney, VP of Global Strategy

Register now using this link (free registration): 

Webcast:MFT, EAI and the Cloud – Keeping Control of Your Data

Join us for a 30-minute webcast on the evolution of Managed File Transfer (MFT) into Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). Learn how and why MFT should be a critical part of not only your IT infrastructure but also a critical part of your SOA platform and enterprise nervous system.

  • File Transfer and Managed File Transfer has been the most successful form of application integration
  • 60+% of data moving through your organization is batch and/or flat file based
  • MFT solutions can be used for EAI, B2B, ETL, and Cloud Streaming
  • Your existing MFT solution can be your first and best step towards governance “Cloud Brokerage”
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