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Online Backups Need to Move Forward
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By c-emmons -

Remember when Google stated that they would be offering a service to let people manage their files online called GDrive?  This has been rumored for years.   Google, however, can’t seem to first tackle the project of giving consumers easy and cheap data backup.  It would be a great idea to get the ball rolling on this project, leading players in the online backup field include Symantec who has more than 8 million customers.  These services are fairly easy to use and not too expensive either. Finding a way for Google to beat that might be what is taking so long but this is a market that is in dire need of a creative alternative since it seems like the technology is not keeping up with the growing demand.  Today, many more average people and not just businesses are dealing with larger files that need to be modified often.  The problem is that backing these files up online currently seems to be a chore.  Nobody knows what the future holds in this  industry but it could use the help of a smart, savvy, and creative vessel like Google.

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Check out these “Five Best Free System Restore Tools” from LifeHacker
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By pete -

crashed!Backing up your data – its like flossing. We all know we should do it, but really, who has the time..

LifeHacker, the blog that solves all kinds of problems that you didn’t realize you had (in a good way!) has a terrific  post about System Restore Tools, labeled “Five Best Free System Restore Tools“.

Weekly, they present a “High Five” feature which is essentially the results of an open forum to users, to get the “best of” a particular topic.  LH then presents a writeup of the top results – which is one of the best features of the site.

We highly recommend taking a look at the article – they give a good rundown of the following tools, as well as some other nice tidbits.

  • Macrium Reflect Free
  • DriveImageXML
  • Paragon Drive Backup
  • ImageX
  • Clonezilla

via Lifehacker – Five Best Free System Restore Tools.

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Backup Maker: backup locally.. or to your FTP space.
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By pete -

We stumbled upon this create Lifehacker post today: “Backup Maker Offers Dead Simple Backup Creation”. In the writeup, they describe a very handy little (Windows) application, which is detailed in a post on MakeUseOf. It is pretty impressive, considering other applications that perform this task can hold pretty high price tags.  From the Lifehacker post:

Whether you’d like to backup to another disk, burn the files to a CD, or transfer them to a remote FTP site, Backup Maker has a variety of solutions to backup your data. It handles both the backup and the restoration of files and has an easy to use wizard for creation of scheduled backup routines. You can specify whether files are to be completely overwritten each time or only incrementally with files being replaced and added as they are altered. Restoration is just as simple with point and click dumping of your data from the backup to the previous location. The software is free, although after batch backups a nag screen does pop up suggesting potential upgrades to other software offered by the company.

The backup to FTP is a key feature for me. While I like a local backup since it writes faster, having my backup online is a major benefit – partly due to the fact that I have “unlimited” web space, but also because I know if my system melts down and somehow takes my external HDD with it – I can still grab this backup via FTP, anywhere and from any PC. Also worth mentioning is the app allows you to password protect the file – so even if your FTP site were somehow compromised, your backup is secure.

The application is available to download free, from Ascomp.de. Some screnshots are in the gallery below.

Anyone use this – or have other suggestions for backing up via FTP?