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Facebook Protecting its Users with Websense Technology
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By ADuch -

Today, social media plays a major role for many individuals and firms. The rise of social media has changed the way individuals and firms communicate, and it continues to change and grow each year. However, because of the increasing number of users in each outlet, users become vulnerable to attacks and malicious content on the Internet.

In recent news, Facebook has agreed to partner up with Websense, Inc. to protect Facebook users from potential online threats and content. Facebook chose Websense because “Websense has been analyzing and classifying the Internet for more than 15 years, and now all Facebook users will be protected by the same core technology.” This technology is their Websense ThreatSeeker Cloud which will be used as Facebook’s new security service. This platform will ultimately identify any malware and prevent any data loss by analyzing anything that might potentially be harmful to Facebook users.

With the addition of this new platform, Facebook users are now protected and aware of any potentially harmful links. If a user clicks on a link, it will go through the Websense database and warn the user if they have stumbled upon anything threatening.

Here’s more on the partnership between Facebook and Websense:


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Google Reader gets more social! Following, liking and people searching..
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By pete -

We at FTPlanet have some preferred means of getting the info we need. RSS is clearly a big one, and how to manage those RSS feeds? We use Google Reader. Like many Google products, this one is FANTASTIC – and always improving. Today, even more features have been released to turn this into a beast of a social networking tool. You can now “like” items, and sharing is how busted wide open to anyone. Wonder if Facebook is starting to sweat? Check out the updates from Google Reader’s blog..

When we first started improving our sharing features, our goal was to make sharing as simple and flexible as the rest of Reader. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve made four improvements to give you more sharing control and help you easily find other people’s publicly shared items within Reader.

Find and follow other people

Instead of sharing your items with others and hoping they reciprocate, you can now find people with public shared items and subscribe to their shared items with one click. Use our new people search feature (powered by Google profiles) to look for people who have public shared items. You can browse by name, location, or topic, and start following new people — all from inside Reader… continued at Official Google Reader Blog: Following, liking and people searching.

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Is blogging dead?
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By c-emmons -


Recently, blogs have been suffering a lot of scrutiny in the eyes of web surfers everywhere.  With the addition of such multimedia sites as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, it seems like the “old-fashioned” way to reach out to a mass of people has become a thing of the past.  However, is succumbing to these generational obsessions the best way to voice opinions?  With all of the new ways to get your voice heard lets not forget how it all started.

The reason why people are so drawn to these new systems is due to their ease.  What was once time and effort spent to generate a blog is now the brevity of Twitter (which allows you only 140 characters per post).  Don’t get me wrong these tools are extremely useful in many marketing and social aspects, but do we need to completely rid ourselves of the intimacy that blogging brings?  You could argue that there is not much intimacy left in the world of blogging and you would be correct.  Many of the average joes have been overshadowed by larger bloggers who have turned it into a business.  Personally, I’m going to keep blogging.   If you want insightful text about specific issues, look for it.  Digging deeper into the web instead of simply scratching the surface is a great way to bring blogging back.

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We’re on Facebook!
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By admin -

The new File Transfer Planet is now on Facebook. Please Fan us!