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Online Image Editor: Aviary Phoenix
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Another post nabbed from the epic site, Lifehacker.com. They recently broke down some of the top online image editors, and chose the “best”, in their weekly “High Five” series. Take a gander at Aviary Phoenix! Sounds like a very cool system for those who don’t want to install a heavy application on their computer.

Online image editors have rapidly become very sophisticated. Last week we asked you to share your favorite online editors, then we rounded up the top five. Now we’re back to share the results and announce Aviary Phoenix as the winner. Following behind Aviary Phoenix: Adobe Photoshop Express and Sumo Paint.

For more information on the winner and the runners up, check out the full Hive Five. All of the online editors are available without registration, so you can jump right in and try any of them out hassle free.

via Lifehacker – Best Online Image Editor: Aviary Phoenix – Image Editing.

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Check out these “Five Best Free System Restore Tools” from LifeHacker
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crashed!Backing up your data – its like flossing. We all know we should do it, but really, who has the time..

LifeHacker, the blog that solves all kinds of problems that you didn’t realize you had (in a good way!) has a terrific  post about System Restore Tools, labeled “Five Best Free System Restore Tools“.

Weekly, they present a “High Five” feature which is essentially the results of an open forum to users, to get the “best of” a particular topic.  LH then presents a writeup of the top results – which is one of the best features of the site.

We highly recommend taking a look at the article – they give a good rundown of the following tools, as well as some other nice tidbits.

  • Macrium Reflect Free
  • DriveImageXML
  • Paragon Drive Backup
  • ImageX
  • Clonezilla

via Lifehacker – Five Best Free System Restore Tools.

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Lifehacker Speed Tests: Safari 4, Chrome 2, and More – #Browsers
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Sure, we’re big into File Transfer here – protocols, applications and all kinds of background tech – however, there’s always the other side of the web.. you know, that front end, which.. well.. IS the web :) . Much like Search, the Browser game is getting really hot these days. Safari 4 was just announced at WWDC.. Firefox 3.5 in the wings.. Chrome2.. IE8.. its an ever-changing topic these days. Lifehacker posted some really good stuff today – take a peak:

Lifehacker browser speed tests

Lifehacker browser speed tests

Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer all reached new final versions of recently, while Firefox and Opera pushed their own web browsers into almost-there betas. We pulled out the digital stopwatch and testing kits to see how they measured up.

If you’ve never seen our browser speed test series before, you should know it’s unscientific but, we believe, fairly thorough. We use a millisecond timer (Rob Keir’s timer, to be specific) to manually clock the distance between launching a browser and seeing it fully loaded on a home page, then do the same timer testing while waiting for multiple tabs to load. All of the timing tests are performed three times and averaged, with far-off aberrations excluded and re-tested.

via Lifehacker – Lifehacker Speed Tests: Safari 4, Chrome 2, and More – Browsers.

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Setup File and Printer Sharing From XP to Windows 7 [Lifehacker]
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Today we stumbled across one of those issues that comes up just once every few years – sharing files on your Windows network via different Windows OS installations. One would think this should be easy without issue – however Microsoft notoriously makes it difficult to make your computers talk to eachother if they have different version of Windows running.

Lifehacker – Setup File and Printer Sharing From XP to Windows 7 – Windows XP.

windows 7

Even if you’ve upgraded to Windows 7 in some form or another, chances are you’ve still got a computer somewhere on your network running trusty old XP. If so, it’s time to set up Windows 7 to play nice with XP on your network.

Over at the How-To Geek web site (my home away from Lifehacker), Mysticgeek writes up a detailed guide to sharing printers and folders between Windows 7 and XP—a process that never seems to be simple enough.

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Google Search Options, Google Squared.
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By pete -

LifeHacker gives a nice rundown of the new Google Search Options:

Google‘s honchos unveiled the new “Search Options” at a Searchology event, one that coincides with the two year anniversary of the Universal Search unveiling that put brief looks at images, news, and other Google-powered search results on the main page. The new Search Options, along with richer “snippets” underneath results that can show reviews and specially-formatted information, should start showing up for most users immediately, but further down the line are more interesting experiments.

Handy Youtube vid from Google, explaining the new features:


Along with these new options comes talk of Google Squared – which will appear in Google Labs this month. Google’s VP of Search Products notes:

Unlike a normal search engine, Google Squared doesn’t find webpages about your topic – instead, it automatically fetches and organizes facts from across the Internet. We’ll be opening it up to users later this month on Google Labs.

Google Squared sure sounds like a another blow to the coming release of WolframAlpha. Google’s first strike on that was their Public Data in Search Results.

More Search Options and other updates from our Searchology event [Official Google Blog]